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Process Design

Sample Projects

  • Customer Request Handling
    A software company needed a better way to manage the requests for enhancements. A process was developed for consistent request handling and tracking that began with the acknowledgement of the request through to the incorporation into the product roadmap.

  • Communications Request Management
  • The Communications Department of a non-profit organization struggled with managing the publications process that involved coordinating input from the community, volunteers, and senior staff. A clear workflow was developed to set a process that would function for this type and size organization.
  • Product Launch Coordination
  • A high-tech company was challenged to speed up its go-to-market process. After an analysis of the existing ad hoc process, a new, more efficient process was documented to ensure successful and timely launches.

More sample projects and details are available upon request. Please contact us with your specific process design needs for an accurate quote.
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